Nurture …your company

The BF TechCelerator @ Carlisle offers many opportunities tailored for growing small businesses like yours. After joining us at the TechCelerator, you’ll be introduced to our resources and partners and have access to our many events. Feel free to dig deeper into the ways you can nurture your company at the TechCelerator using the side navigation on the left.

Indispensable Business Advice for a Start Up in Central PA

While new small business owners have great ideas, they may not possess the experience necessary to turn them into successful operations. When it comes to reliable business advice for start ups, Central PA entrepreneurs can benefit from the guidance they receive as a BF TechCelerator participant.

Our entrepreneurial program includes access to an onsite mentor for one-on-one guidance that will prove invaluable as you attempt to launch and grow your business. Our mentors have learned through firsthand experience what it takes to overcome the obstacles that frequently cause small businesses to fail, and they’re excited to share their experiences with you.

A Number of Resources that Offer Help for Startups in Central PA

Having access to the right resources can make launching your business easier. At the BF TechCelerator, our help for start ups in the Harrisburg, PA area includes the availability of various financing resources to assist you in identifying the funding that virtually every business needs at some point. You also get business counseling resources to assist you with problems you may incur along the way. Resources are available on a local, state and national level.

You Won’t Be Alone in Your Quest for Small Business Success

The struggle for small business success isn’t easy. As a BF TechCelerator participant, you can seek assistance from partners that provide help for small businesses in Central PA. Receive guidance in numerous areas of small business operations from Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Small Business Development Center and many others.

Various Events throughout the Year

We stage a number of events that are designed to help you further your education and enhance your business acumen. Events may include luncheons, seminars, conferences and more. You’re sure to get useful ideas to help your business grow!