Incubator Program

Our goal is to ensure the stability of every company that is located at the BF TechCelerator. We have developed a process that begins the two way communication of support the company’s needs to succeed.

The BF TechCelerator 3 Step Process

FIRST, you will submit an application and make an appointment to talk with us. This will allow us to explore your business in more depth and determine the right course for you at the BF TechCelerator. This step will also involve a personal interview with the Executive Director to discuss your dreams and ambitions, and to make sure the BF TechCelerator is the right fit for your needs.

SECOND, you will be asked to present your company and your business plan to the Client Committee. The Client Committee consists of businesspersons who are BF TechCelerator board members. Questions will be asked of you regarding your concept, your financial and operational needs, as well as discuss your facility needs and growth expectations.

THIRD, your company will be expected to meet formally with the Executive Director and the Client Committee at least two times a year to review your progress. Financial information will be reviewed as well.

Our process is designed, at each step, to determine the exact support your business idea needs to continue to the next step. If, at any time, your idea does not proceed with the next step, you will be offered the opportunity to meet with the Executive Director to evaluate additional opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to live in Cumberland County to have my business at the BF TechCelerator?
A. No, we accept business owners from the entire South Central PA region.
Q. How long can my business remain at the BF TechCelerator?
A. Incubators are designed to assist start up businesses and encourage businesses to become independent after they have outgrown the services offered.
Q. What are the costs involved in locating in the BF TechCelerator?
A. Rent is calculated on a square foot basis (utilities are included), additional costs include your phone and internet hook up and use of our copier, if needed. Some office furniture is available.
Q. What services are available to BF TechCelerator tenants?
A. The Executive Director is available to assist with business development issues and provide assistance with connections in the financial community, as well as to provide advisory board members. The Ben Franklin Technology Service offers on-site training and business plan counseling preparation in seeking loans and grants related to business expansion, as well as counseling for specific areas. Each business receives public relations and marketing help. Additionally, services of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Economic Development, and Advisory Board members are available on site.
Q. Does the BF TechCelerator expect anything else from me?
A. Each business in Murata is expected to support both the center and the other businesses located there. Each business will be responsible to provide financials and a yearly business plan to the Executive Director as well as the Client Committee of the board.

Central PA Business Accelerator

Our startup incubator in Central PA can reduce the time it takes to turn your business idea or concept into a fully functioning operation. The support we provide can also help to minimize the risks normally associated with starting a new business, increasing the chances of a successful launch. You’ll have access to all the resources you need to help your business grow along the way. Joining our Harrisburg, PA business incubator center may be the most important business decision you ever make.

You’ll Benefit from Valuable Feedback at Our Business Incubator in Central PA

You will benefit from regular interaction with our Executive Director and Client Committee during your time in our incubator program in Carlisle, PA. We’ll help you identify what is working and what might need a bit of fine tuning. By joining our tech incubator, PA entrepreneurs like you can jump start a business idea and make it a reality.