The Ben Franklin TechCelerator Programs

Our Central PA mentoring and startup support programs are designed to provide everything an aspiring entrepreneur needs for a successful small business launch. Our full-service entrepreneurial and incubator programs can help you jump start your business. Plus our entrepreneurial mentoring program in Central PA offers expert guidance for the business owner every step of the way.

Elements of Our Entrepreneurial Program

If your application to participate in our entrepreneurial program is approved, you will receive a designated workspace in a shared environment. You will have access to key business resources such as fax machines, the Internet and a library/resource center. You will also receive the tools you need to perform marketing research to determine the viability of your idea and identify potential target markets.

After 60 days, you may be a candidate to receive your own office space. You can pitch your business idea to the Ben Franklin funding program as well as to potential “angel investors.”

Valuable Support through Our Harrisburg PA Area Small Business Mentoring Program

A major hurdle many budding business owners face is not having the know-how necessary to get a business off the ground. With our mentorship program for small businesses, Central PA entrepreneurs benefit from one-on-one guidance from individuals who have “been there, done that.”

Through mentoring, you can avoid the pitfalls that derail many small businesses in the early stages. Weekly group sessions covering key topics such as writing business plans and sales and marketing principles are also provided. Past tenants will also stop by to make informative presentations, enabling you to learn from their experiences.

Incubator Program Is Available

Our three-step incubator program offers a two-way communication process. You will meet with our Executive Director after each step to assess your current needs and to determine whether there are other opportunities better suited for you.