I wanted to take a minute and thank all of you for your time and consideration of our company in the BF TechCelerator. We were truly amazed by the things we have learned there over the last few months. The most valuable of things that we inherited from this program were honest objective opinions that we received for our business model. Kudos especially to Dick for his patience and knack for playing the devil’s advocate. We look forward to the future and are appreciative of the contacts that we have met through the program. We wish you all the best and will be keeping in touch throughout the growth of our company. If there is anything that we can do for you in return, don’t hesitate to ask.


Keith Myers, CEO
Sunbloc Systems


I truly enjoyed meeting each one of you & sharing in our Ben Franklin experience. I look forward to & expect to catch up with you at future meetups & entrepreneur mixers in the near future. If I can provide assistance as a resource in anyway, feel free to reach out to me & I’d be glad to help.

Pam, Dick, & Ross – did we have fun or what?? Thanks for all of your support! I will be in touch 🙂

Success in all of your endeavors!



It was wonderful meeting all of you, I hope we stay in touch and I wish everyone of you all the success in the world!! This was an amazing awesome experience!! Thank you so much Dick, Pam, and Ross-you guys are the best!!

Thanks so much for all the support and enthusiam for my business!!

Take care and keep in touch!!



The Ben Franklin technology Partnership’s Techcelerator program is an invaluable opportunity for early stage start-ups. The program guides entrepreneurs to focus on accomplishing key milestones that help to identify the business viability and the advisors bring decades of practical first hand business experience that provides exclusive insight into unfamiliar business practices. With the ongoing support of the relationships made during the Techcelerator program, CRIMEWATCH Technolgoies is ramping up for accelerated growth and success.

M.W. Bloom
President, CrimeWatch


I would recommend the TechCelerator Program to anyone who is in the process of launching a new venture. I am an academic biomedical researcher by training and the one-on-one business mentoring that I received from TechCelerator proved to be invaluable when I founded my company. They teach essential concepts for every entrepreneur, from developing a company summary and business plan to delivering elevator pitches and formal company presentations to investors.

Nathan Dolloff, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer of Leukogene Therapeutics, Inc.


TechCelerator has been incredibly important in ensuring DeliveryCrowd got off on the right track. Through the experience and advocacy of our mentors, Pam Martin and Dick Heddleson, we were able to define and refine our initial concept into a legitimate, implementable product. The forum to engage fellow entrepreneurs, access to experienced business leaders, and the straightforward, no-nonsense assessment of our business has proven priceless.

Fran Gillott
Co- Founder DeliveryCrowd


We’ve been in the Ben Franklin TechCelerator since 2009.  I would credit a lot of our growth to the center.  The center is very well-maintained and provides a lot of amenities, especially for startups.  I think the biggest assets for entrepreneurs are the management team and resources.  The TechCelerator team is composed of business veterans who are always available for advice and help – and can connect you with other business leaders in the area.  If you’re starting a new business or looking to grow an existing, I would definitely recommend the TechCelerator.

Adrian Fang
President, Cruzstar