Graduate Case Studies

Z-Band, Inc.

The Murata Business Center Incubator provided Z-Band, Inc., a start-up company, with a convenient and cost-effective offices and amenities such as: clean bathrooms, effective HVAC, internet and telephone services, and conference room facilities. Over the years from Z-Band’s inception in 1999 until graduation in 2009, Z-Band also received outstanding consulting and entrepreneurial advice from the various Murata Executive Directors: Mary Ann VanArsdale, Ed Harrell, Marsha Davis and others.

Dick Snyder, principal of Z-Band was invited to be on the original Murata Advisory Board to represent new tenant businesses. In that regard Z-Band felt it had an opportunity to sensitize and inform the Board members about start-up operational problems, financial challenges and community marketing and support needs.

In 2007 Z-Band, Inc. created a new subsidiary company called Z-Band Video, Inc. which was dedicated to new product development and innovation focusing on the U.S. and Canadian Healthcare/Hospital Markets. Z-Band Video rented space in the Center and since then has utilized that space for testing of various types of cable and wiring configurations, transmission algorithms, and effective video signal distribution.  Z-Band Video has been fortunate to receive KIZ recognition for their continued innovation and sales, and has been the grateful recipient of multiple years of KIZ tax credits.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners, with the support and recommendation of Vic Russo, Steve Brawley, and others have provided funding to Z-Band over the years. In 1999-2000 Ben Franklin awarded Z-Band, Inc. a $100,000 loan for research and development of a “secure video transmission product,” and in 2001 Ben Franklin awarded Z-Band another $25,000 to help bring this product to market. In 2006 Ben Franklin also awarded Z-Band $75,000 for the development of its “Gen 3” video distribution hub.

In 2009 Z-Band was given, and took the opportunity, to address the Ben Franklin Board and to personally thank them for their continuing interest and support over the years of the Z-Band company.  Z-Band is always delighted to share its technological innovations and market successes with the members and staff of the Ben Franklin Board and will endeavor to do so in the succeeding years.

In addition, Z-Band is a proud supporter of the new Ben Franklin TechCelerator in Carlisle, and gratefully recognizes the contributions and support that DCED, the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, CREDC and other members of the Tri-County business community have given to Z-Band, Inc. over these past 13 years.

Dick Snyder
Founder, President

CRIMEWATCH  Technologies, Inc.

The TechCelerator program is eight weeks of intensive training. An Entrepreneur boot camp designed to test your resolve, commitment and resiliency in the face of challenges a business founder will experience. The program is devised as a series of benchmarks that escalate in complexity. Your ability to meet these requirements is measured against the performance of your class peers. The friendly competitive environment helps build personal accountability to the program and showcases your leadership ability to the advisory group.

As a past participant, I equate the Techcelerator process to a fraternity hazing. Week to week you are pushed to make progress with your business. The hazing helps make potential entrepreneurs realize whether or not they are really cut out for building a company. Starting a company takes sacrifice, resiliency and blind dedication to an ideal. It also takes a solid idea and acumen that is difficult to learn. Through the Techcelerator program, you will learn quickly whether or not you have what it takes to enter the arena. This experience is the best preparation you’ll have before entering the real world of business, where winners and losers are clearly defined. Through all of this hazing, the initiation is complete, you are now an entrepreneur.

This is where the reality of entrepreneurism begins. It’s also where the real value of the BFTP, Ben Franklin Technology Partnership, begins. The BFTP is a true business resource. Unlike other entities that exist to help small business, Ben exists to help entrepreneurs build companies and create jobs.  In essence, they create prosperity and are the most proactive organizations rebuilding the economy in Pennsylvania and beyond.

One of the many resources that BFTP provides is access to the Business Incubator in Carlisle. This contemporary space is a centralized hub for gathering resources for blooming companies. The resources range from one-on-one mentoring with serial entrepreneurs and technology veterans, to gaining access to a portfolio of professional service providers. Participating in the business incubator also gives you exposure to other start-up entrepreneurs that are in various stages of business growth, people that you can network with about realities that only exist to entrepreneurs. And, if you show progress and real promise the professional network of BFTP, will help the entrepreneur make connections with potential investors, partners and future employees.

M.W. Bloom
Founder, President

Keller Law Firm, LLC.

 The Keller Law Firm, LLC (formerly Law Offices of Keller & Company) owned by Kelley Clements Keller, Esq.  The Keller Law Firm specializes in the complex area of intellectual property law.  We combine our expertise with thoughtful, caring and affordable counsel.  It is our aim to provide our clients with superior representation and to assist them with navigating through this complicated area of the law.

The firm’s clients range from start-ups to small and medium sized businesses and individuals to larger companies who are seeking legal advice in the areas of trademark and copyright law, domain name matters, computer software licensing, the protection of trade secret and other confidential information, social media matters, and technology transfer issues.  Our clients also seek advice in connection with large scale product launches and brand expansion programs as well.

We provide counsel and advice to our clients regarding the selection, adoption, maintenance and enforcement of trademarks and service marks in the United States and around the world.  We also provide legal opinions on the availability and proper use of marks, assist our client with the preparation, filing, prosecution, and licensing of U.S. and foreign trademark applications.  Issues surrounding the procurement and enforcement of domain names, including dispute resolution forums, are often raised during the course of our trademark practice.

Additionally, our work extends to all aspects of copyright law, including advising clients regarding registration, licensing, enforcement, and rights clearance.  We counsel clients with respect to Website Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and E-Commerce issues.  Our experience in this area encompasses virtually all types of works of authorship.     Our practice also involves dealing with a wide range of issues that arise in the development and licensing of software as well as advising companies contemplating adding social media to their business’s marketing strategy.  The kinds of issues that arise in this arena are questions often concern defamation, rights of publicity, gripe sites, and how to protect your company from other social media threats.

Sustainable Community Development Company

Sustainable Community Development Company was formed in 2006 by Dave Sheridan, a Civil Engineer, to develop small residential and commercial projects with sustainable attributes. The company’s mission is formed by two trends that require fundamental changes in the way we live, and the way we use the earth’s resources: climate change and petroleum depletion.
The company will focus on the small towns in Pennsylvania, which constitute an important asset for people who want to organize their lives to move through the severe disruptions that society will experience as oil depletion and global warming advance.
SuCoDev develops green buildings – homes and commercial spaces that are highly energy and resource efficient, and that provide healthy indoor environments.  Its projects are constructed in the developed core of our small towns, to avoid consuming open land, and to take advantage of the extensive infrastructure already in place, such as roads, sewers, water, and other utilities.  SuCoDev projects also offer the advantages of walkable communities, with community resources – schools, stores, and recreational assets – nearby and accessible without driving.

  • Sustainable Community Development Company serves its clients in several ways:
    The company develops its own projects, offering homes and commercial spaces that are highly energy and resource efficient, and that offer healthy indoor environments.
  • The company will also develop a high performance home or commercial space for an individual customer.  This service could be provided on the customer’s building site, or SuCoDev could locate a site for the customer.
  • The company could serve another developer by planning and constructing green buildings on an approved site.

Automation System Interconnect, Inc.

Automation System Interconnect, Inc. (ASI) was established in February of 1999. ASI is a provider of electrical and electronic components that are used in the manufacture of equipment and systems in the industrial automation and process control industry. In addition to the design and manufacture of products in Carlisle, PA, ASI has developed several strategic long-term relationships with companies from Europe.

ASI utilizes a unique e-business technology that eliminates the traditional business model that incorporates the middlemen, which creates cost while adding little or no value to the customer. ASI customers can place orders or access valuable product information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world at The website gives customers the ability to obtain product pricing, competitive cross-referencing, download specifications, place and track orders and develop a bill of materials and order history.

Pest Patrol

Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA ) acquired PestPatrol, a privately held provider of anti-spyware solutions, in an all-cash transaction.

CA will market the PestPatrol technology as eTrust PestPatrol and will incorporate it into its eTrust Threat Management software portfolio, which protects organizations from diverse Internet dangers such as viruses, spam, and inappropriate use of the Web by employees.

Markant Corporation

Markant Corporation is a Woman Owned-Minority Owned, Small Business based in Carlisle, PA.

We take pride in servicing our Federal Government clients through superior information technology (IT) services that improve security, performance, efficiency, and responsiveness of our customers. Markant moved to The TechCelerator in 2008 and has never been happier with its decision. The TechCelerator has provided us with flexible professional workspace, access to other entrepreneurs, professional expertise and a forum to discuss real business challenges with local business leaders.

Markant Corporation has partnered with other businesses in the TechCelerator to pursue new business opportunities and access new business networks previously unavailable.  Our immediate access to other start- up companies helped us to avoid repeating the mistakes of others and provided us with free advice in business areas we lacked specialization in.

It is energizing to work in an environment where your colleagues are working on cutting edge ideas and technologies all while supporting the local economy.  Access to all of these resources, in one place, and for free is simply invaluable for any business looking to grow.  Whether we need help with funding, strategy, or ideas, the TechCelerator has provided us with the tools and resources needed to take our business to the next level.

Synergy HomeCare

It is hard to appreciate all the benefits of the Murata/BFTechCelerator.  I have to admit we were first interested because of the convenient location and affordable rent, but we were immediately impressed with the “Can Do” attitude that permeates the building.  In a culture where the safe and easy answer is usually “NO”, the staff at the Murata/BFTechCelerator strives to say “Yes, let’s make it happen”.

From the very beginning they went out of their way to be flexible with meeting schedules and building access.  The board of directors was very supportive with the areas we needed advice with, but then knew to get out of the way when it came to subjects we could handle ourselves.

After almost a year here we have really come to appreciate all the little things that come with the Murata/BFTechCelerator.  The high speed low cost copier has been a big help in complying with State record keeping requirements. The Cat 5 wired offices make expanding a breeze.  I never thought we would need one, but they also have an industrial sized paper shredder.  That monster comes in handy!  I should also mention the automatic membership in the Carlisle Chamber of Commerce that comes with the Murata/BFTechCelerator.  The Chamber has been a tremendous asset for our company.

By all means don’t let the application process discourage you.  What looks like an arduous 5 step process is really just a guide to help prepare you in the start-up process.  They will give you as much or as little support as you need.  If you are thinking about starting a business in Cumberland County call Pam Martin today.