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  1. Connecting with your Customers

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    Restaurants are no exception to businesses that have to maintain good relationships with their customers. With nearly 85% of young smartphone users connecting to the internet with their phones, it is increasingly important to keep connections up through mobile devices. There are many things that a restaurant can do in order to stay in good connections with customer through mobile devices. The first of many things that a restaurant can do it to take full advantage of mobiles social sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media websites are great for connecting with customers. Restaurants can also …read more

  2. A Personal Relationship as Easy as Happy Birthday?

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    How often do you say happy birthday to a friend? Why not say happy birthday to your customers as well? A recent study by Fulcrum, a marketing and analytic provider, showed that nearly seventy-five percent of respondents think more positive about businesses that send out happy birthday emails to their customers. An article, “Birthday Greetings and Discounts Resonate with Customers”, in FSR Magazine’s webpage, discussed creating that personal contact and relationship with your customers leads to increased brand loyalty to your restaurant. Of the nearly seventy-five percent of people who have a more positive outlook on a business after a …read more

  3. Benefits of a Strong Web Presence

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    Having a strong web presence is becoming increasingly more essential to businesses as more and more technological advancements propel us further into this digital age. Companies who prosper from influencing their online visibility understand the benefits search engine optimization (SEO) can provide. Similar to SEO yet more evolved, web presence optimization (WPO) plays an integral role in any business plan. Though it involves website management, WPO does not end there. It is the process of increasing prominence for your company, as a whole, wherever online consumer activity may be. In other words, WPO takes SEO one step further by also

  4. Online and Mobile Food Ordering

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    Mobile and online food ordering provides restaurants with the unique opportunity to give customer’s the service and convenience they desire. This growing industry is undoubtedly the future of food ordering, so it should come as no surprise that in recent years tons of companies have emerged offering online and mobile ordering technology. With tons of companies now claiming to possess the skills to integrate online ordering systems to restaurant websites you might be wondering: are all online ordering companies the same? Or does each company offer the same exact service? The answer is no—and if we take a look at