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  1. Tourist Attraction

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    As tourism is increasing so it the amount of people going to Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). As tourism increases, so is the amount of money spent. It is estimated that in 2012 quick service and fast casual restaurants made up almost 34% of the money brought in from tourism. This idea does not come as a wonder to many. It can only be assumed that while people and families are out on vacation, they want quick, easy food that is affordable.

  2. Why Restaurants Should Use Mobile Ordering

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    In the past, smartphones were a thing of dreams. Now-a-days, smartphones are seen everywhere, owned by almost everyone. With nearly 85% of Americans owning some kind of smartphone, the technology for these phones has been increasing dramatically. With users between the ages of 19-30 being the biggest users of smartphones, it is no wonder that mobile ordering has taken off. Mobile ordering is definitely not considered new. Pizza hut has had mobile ordering since 2009, offering convenience and technology to their consumers. Pizza Hut is only one of the many companies that offer mobile ordering with their restaurant.


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    HARRISBURG, PA (May 6, 2014) – The Harrisburg Regional Chamber & Capital Region Economic Development Corporation (Chamber & CREDC) announced today that they partnered with Metro Bank to provide financing to Tex Visions, LLC.  The financing was used by the company to purchase 8 acres of land and construct a 57,600 square foot manufacturing facility.  This new location on Pine Hill Drive in Middlesex Township, Cumberland County includes 10,800 square feet of two story office space, separate production and warehouse space, and 60 parking spaces. Tex Vision will transfer all of their 44 current full time employees to their new location and committed to create 16 new positions within the next three years.

  4. Social Media Tips for Facebook

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    You may not know it, but Facebook offers you statistics in order to track how your audience responds to your Facebook page. Within just 48 hours of going live, you can click on the “View Insights” link on the right of your page to see exactly how people are engaging with your page. This includes how many active users you have, the daily active users’ breakdown, new likes, demographics, page views, and media consumption. Facebook also lets you adjust whether you see a week’s worth or a month’s worth of data at a time, as well as change the date …read more

  5. Restaurants Use ShortStack for Customization

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    Is your company looking for a better way to use online presence in social media? Are you not as tech savvy as you would like to be? ShortStack can help your company increase the presence of your company’s online social media presence easily. ShortStack can help your company make a bigger impact on their social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and much more. ShortStack can be extremely helpful in the creation of applications and promotions for your restaurant’s timeline and other items.