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  1. What Can Online Ordering Do for your Restaurant

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    There are many things that online ordering can do for a restaurant. A restaurant needs to be efficient and in the minds of their consumers to stay at a competitive place in the market. There are many things that a restaurant needs to have to stay competitive. Online ordering can help with those items in a large way. Online ordering can help a restaurant much more efficient for them. Online ordering has allowed customers the ability to speed up the process of ordering. They are now able to order, pay and submit their orders all from with the …read more

  2. Customer Birthday Emails

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    Remembering and acknowledging a customer’s birthday is a very simple and efficient method to build brand loyalty and image. Market and analytics provider Fulcrum confirmed the full aspect of that with the results of their recent online survey.

  3. Google My Business

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    Do you or a friend own a business and use a Google service to promote or control it? Do you wish there was an easier way to control all of the information you need to have available to consumers? With Google’s introduction of their new, “Google My Business”, service for business owners, your wish has been granted and a variety of doors will open for businesses everywhere. This service will allow owners to update information, add photos, read reviews and use Google+ all in one place. This new service will not only benefit those businesses that are already on …read more

  4. Tips For Going Mobile

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    With mobile business becoming so large, it is no surprise that restaurants are looking further and further into features, including apps and websites, for mobile devices. As any restaurant decides to go mobile, there are many things to remember. Going mobile is meant to help the restaurant keep an advantage over the customer, which cannot be done when the mobile part of their marketing does not work. One tip for any restaurant trying to go mobile is to make sure they stay relevant. Staying relevant can be done by researching in to the industry trends at the time. Not looking …read more

  5. How to up your delivery game

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    Food delivery services or restaurants that offer delivery have numerous benefits for both the business as well as the customers. One of the main advantages for the customer is the variety of food that can be ordered. Different foods and types of foods are now available to be ordered and delivery right to the customer. Another benefit of delivery services is the time that the customer will save by ordering in instead of preparing a meal on their own. Those that have kids, or busy jobs and schedules will benefit a lot from this type of service, not to mention …read more