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  1. 7 Marketing Tips for Thai Restaurants

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    It is evident that Thai cuisine has become a crowd favorite. But as a Thai restaurant, it may be difficult to set yourself apart from the many nearby Thai competitors in your city. We’ve done some research, and have gathered some recommendations for marketing your Thai restaurant.

  2. MenuDrive Inteview: Benefits of Online Ordering

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    I recently was honored by having an interview with Locassa about the benefits of online ordering for restaurants as part of their Expert Interview program. The interview focused on the necessity for online ordering, and why MenuDrive is more than just a basic online ordering platform.

  3. Benefit of POS Integration with MenuDrive Online Ordering

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    “POS systems are transforming into customer data hubs with information retailers can leverage to personalize customer communications, track inventory in real-time, predict behavior and be where their customers are, whether in the store, online, or on mobile.”- Janna Finch, Researcher at Software Advice